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Rawai Beach Phuket Thailand A Hidden Gem?

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Sun, 15/03/2009 - 09:27 -- Jack

This is a small family-oriented city. There are not a lot of tourists here, mostly locals.
I rented a small bungalow for approximately $500. It had kitchen sleeping area, couch, bathroom, etc. the couch was broken though.

Furthermore, I rented a motorbike for $50 per month. The beach was quite far away. I had to drive for about 15 min. each day to the beach. However, it was worthwhile. Rawai beach is a beautiful place if you're looking for a family vacation.

You can find a big shopping center called Tesco 10 minutes away. There are many local restaurants along the beach. And the food is quite good. I did not complain.
Every day I went to the beach to swim and have fun. The beach was amazing. Imagine beautiful beach, soft sand, high waves and natural habitat.
This city is just amazing. You don't have a movie theater anywhere near so that is a big minus.

Just driving with a motorbike is a super experience that you will never forget. The city is really clean and people are friendly.
Rawai beach, I will never forget you. I will never probably return because there are thousands of other beaches in Thailand, but I will always remember this small city.


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Submitted by Jack on

The Patong is the main tourist destination and party capital of Phuket. Kata and Karon are nice family beach areas with lots of tourist activities and shops. Rawai beach is a small village located at the bottom of Phuket Island with local Thai families, small farms and crop plantations rather than high-rise hotels and tourists shops.

I like Rawai beach at late afternoon. The boats look beautiful against the setting sun. But for swimming, it's not the best. Surrounding local beaches like Ya Nui and Nai Harn are far nicer and have life-guards which is a plus. Rawai as an area is great. It has easy conveniences, like 7/11, lotus, markets, gyms, restaurants and everything else you need for a great lifestyle. Will

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Submitted by Jack on
yes you are right Will, I always went swimming to Nai Harn beach, it takes like 7 minutes with a motorbike. But Rawai is a gem, not tourist polluted, perfect getaway for family

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