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Hi people, greetings from Rio de Janeiro airport. The weather is cool but not cold, perfect, the air is a little bit humid. I have never been in South America, even though my grandfather lived here, in fact he lived in Venezuela, Caracas until he died like 30 years ago. The poor guy was hit by a car.

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OMG, hey how are you my friends.. I came back to my country just to fix my visa. I'm going to South America for the first time in my life. I'm visiting Brazil, I'm not staying in Rio de Janeiro, I'm going further south to Brasilia, one of the states inside the Brazil. Here I'm just driving around with my father's car and I'm getting bored to death. There is nothing to do. It is summer, hot, all you can do is go shopping for food or just drive around.

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I have this dillema where to settle down. It is a huge dillema in fact. I cant decide.
I like pattaya, but it has a bad reputation.

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  • House is bigger
  • House might be quitter, less noise
  • You seem richer having a house
  • Good if you have a girlfriend, more space
  • Easily to have a fitness at home
  • Easy to store a big motorbike in the yard
  • You can have a dog in house
  • More expensive then condo, usually double price


  • Burglaries
  • possible renovatios



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This happened for the second time in the month that I stayed in this small city called Pattaya. First, there was a storm, with new rain, and then the electric and water was just cut off.

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I still remember when I was sitting in the office, it was some kind of insurance office from Hungary. It had a branch in our country. And I graduated and got this boring job after I got fired from the first boring job. Let me tell you folks, this job was depressing. Waking up every morning at 7 am, driving to work, going back home and 3 pm or 4 pm to impress the boss.



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